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Linda Lee Schnars (Schnars, Linda Lee)

Dr linda is a beast! I mean, she sees a problem and she does what it takes and saves the day and your pets. Literally the best vet on planet ...
By: Char carpenter
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Dr. Randy Hutchison (Animal Clinic Northview)

Excellent veterinary care....
By: Carol Tackett
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Dr. Pat Funnell (Pine Valley Veterinary Clinic)

So calm and caring, understanding with my more unorthodox pets and never treated them less for being tiny or feathered ...
By: Miranda Diller
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Emily Torres (Beverly Oaks Animal Hospital & Pet Resort)

I love Dr. Torres’ “bedside“ manner. My cat, Jasper, is not an easy patient. She always found a way to work with him Efficiently and with good humor. Always returned ...
By: Vicki
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Dr. Jay Murphy (Plantation Animal Clinic)

The best...
By: Larry
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Diane Kim (Palm Springs Animal Hospital)

This Vet is a fraud! Great at first with my cat, but then NEVER was accessible again for me after prescribing x 2 antidepressants to treat a very sick cat ...
By: Kristi Black
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