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Dr. Elizabeth Schultz (Urbana Animal Hospital)

The best ever. She rescued Olivia and Zip from Potomac, Md. Glorious person....
By: jill and thaddeus aubry
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Denise M White Dvm

I have used Dr White as my Vet for 17 years. She is a outstanding Vet and I recommend her to everyone I know. I had a dog that had ...
By: Mary Jo Mclallen
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Dr. Daniel Cahn (MedVet Medical & Cancer Centers for Pets)

By: Shelly Nogel
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Jeffrey Rubin (Rubin, Jeffrey)

Amazingly compassionate and knowledgeable in counseling me on caring for my wonderful terminally ill dog. ...
By: Robin Tierney Soslow
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Dr. Burbrink (Crosspointe Animal Hospital,)

Dr. Burbrink has been excellent with my dog Nellie who became nervous after we got a puppy. Dr. Burbrink understands that some health issues are mental, not just physical and ...
By: Erin Van Houten
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Ellen Burbrink

Dr. Burbrink saved my beagle. Maggie had Cushings and cancer. Dr. Burbrink found treatments that were affordable - helped me get surgery for my dog and as a result Maggie lived ...
By: Ann Van Houten
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