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Craig Thomas Dvm

I just found out about Dr. Thomas no longer being at Warr Acres Clinic, OH NO!!! I certainly hope he contacts his Pet Parents and lets us know where he ...
By: Ronda Glass
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Alyssa Powell

Moving from Tyler Texas to Crockett Texas a small-town. Doctor Powell was the veterinarian that I began seeing built a good relationship with her (for eight years or thereabouts). ...
By: Joel Schriewer
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Wylie Skelton (Leakey Animal Clinic)

Very knowledgeable and friendly. I am a new rancher and he spend time to pass his knowledge onto you. Great man. Highly recommend ...
By: Patricia Hammond
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Dr. Alex Neal (PetCare West Veterinary Hospital)

Dr. Neal exceeds all expectations. My 15 year old cat with several complicated interrelated health conditions received the best evaluation, care, and attention I have experienced with a vet in ...
By: Sandhya Abee
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Jelena Lalovic (Justus Veterinary Clinic)

Dr Lalovic has been carrying for my beloved animals for 10 years. She is an incredible doctor and I have the ultimate respect for her. ...
By: Michal Whitney
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Barbara L Henderson

we love Barbara since 1993 when she save our cats Simba and Bootsie. REMEMBER? Sounds she hasn't change. Really love that lady. we are still in Colorado....
By: pat perry
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